Friday, July 29, 2011



Not what my life has been like this past month.  
The days have been full of activity, details, hurry, decisions, stress.
Packing, sorting, tossing out stuff and all that goes with moving to a new place.
I'm tired.
My body is tired.
My soul is tired.

Last night I finally stopped the anxious hurry in my head and poured it all out before God.
He listened and then asked me to give up control of all these things that I've been carrying.
Letting go of the burden, the weight of responsibility.
Leaving it in His very capable and much stronger hands.
Why is it that I have to get to the point of complete exhaustion before I catch on that I've been carrying the whole load and not letting Him have any of it??
Who knows?
But I was done.
So I let go.  "It's all yours,  Lord."

And then....the peace came in.  That stillness in my spirit, knowing that He is God and He is handling it.

"I have stilled and quieted my soul.  Like a weaned child with its mother." Psalm 131:2
The anxious, hungry striving replaced with peace.

Just being still...with Him.