Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tongue in Cheek

To my loyal reader (and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this page) I just have one disclaimer to make:

If you find yourself listening to Jennifer Saunders' famous "I Need a Hero" song from Shrek 2, then let me just make this disclaimer -- No, I'm not totally devoid of musical taste.

But on my last post, I kept thinking of that song and decided to add it to my playlist just for the fun of it. Somehow it seemed to fit the mood I was in. And I'll keep it on until I get tired of it. (Oops! I guess that does say something about my lack of musical taste!)

My kids are getting annoyed with me for continuing to play it. Oh well, they've always known their mother is a little strange -- harmless, but strange.

Happy listening!!

1 comment:

Becky Aguirre said...

I LOVE that song!!!! I'm so glad you added it to your blog so now I can listen to it whenever I want. Miguel is going to be SO annoyed. haha! The last time he and the kids were watching Shrek 2 he skipped it and I was like hey! I don't think he can appreciate how we womenfolk need a hero...LOL!