Monday, February 16, 2009


The other night I was calmly washing dishes in the kitchen when my daughter shrieks from the other room, "Mom, there's a frog in here!!" "Where??" I holler as I'm eying the nearest chair. "In your bedroom!!" Not again!

If you remember, a few months ago my bedroom was invaded by a little, sinister-looking brown toad. (See Little Toad a.k.a. I need a Hero - 10/08.) Well, now he was back. Or one of his relatives. And just out of curiosity, why is it that they always go to MY bedroom??

Well, this time it was two screaming females standing on the bed while my son peered underneath with a flashlight trying to find the toad amongst all the dust bunnies. "Mom, you really need to sweep under here." "Yes, I know! Keep looking!"

He couldn't find the toad. I told him no one was going to bed until THAT THING was back outside where he belonged. So I volunteered to risk my life and hopped (no pun intended) down from the bed with the flashlight and began looking myself.

"There he is!!" yelled Steven. I screamed and levitated. "Just kidding" he said. I wanted to slap him for scaring me but figured it would backfire since he was being the hero. Instead, I told him to keep looking. My daughter suggested we pray and ask Jesus to help get the toad out from under the bed. So we prayed and Jesus helped.

My son spotted the intruder and after a little chasing, trapped him under a cup. We all traipsed to the door and Steven tossed my little nemesis out into the night. "Mom, you'd better blog about this." he said. I promised I would and thanked him for saving us again.