Sunday, August 30, 2009


On the spur of the moment Friday night, a couple friends and I decided to go watch the launch of space shuttle Discovery. So we drove to Space View Park in Titusville and got there just in time, finding a place on the grass next to some serious photographers and their tripods. I'm sure they got some excellent shots. But here's what I took.

Makes me think of how things were before God created light.

We heard a roar of people cheering from the stands at Cape Canaveral.
Then we saw this.

Instantly, the sky was full of light -- like sunrise.

Hundreds of people fell silent in awe and wonder.

Completely breathtaking!

Then the sound waves hit.
I set down my camera and just watched. Awestruck.
It was incredibly beautiful.

There is something so completely amazing about a group of people hurtling through the atmosphere, sitting on top of all that fire. What tremendous courage they must have!

Later, while we waited for the crowds to thin, we wandered around the park looking at the monuments honoring all the astronauts over the years.

Here I am, touching the handprints of Neil Armstrong,
the closest I'll get to the man who walked on the moon.

As amazing as it was to witness the launch and read the names of people who have been in space, I started thinking about all the unsung heroes whose names we'll never know. The ones at Houston, making sure that everything goes well and that everyone comes home safe, the men and women who built the rockets and space shuttles and those who work tirelessly to maintain them in perfect condition. Men and women of honor, courage and integrity who do their work with excellence and give their lives for something greater than themselves.

I'm so glad we went that night. I came away inspired.


Melissa G. said...

That's amazing! There is something about space and astronauts that is just inspiring!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A beautiful tracing of the "light"...