Monday, October 18, 2010

Wide Open

There have been steps outside my comfort zone lately.  This has surfaced insecurities, doubts, fears -- those nagging, pesky critters that I like to think I've shaken for good.  But seems like when I let myself be seen, inevitably...later...the inner questions come and with it the temptation to pull back in my shell and hide.   

But Jesus leans in close and draws my gaze to His.  Looking deep, He calms my heart's little anxieties with His warm tenderness.  It's hard to hang on to fear in the face of such overwhelming love and delight.  Before long, I'm laughing with Him and holding out my hand in trust.  

Following Jesus is always an adventure.  

Seeing His love in these gifts:

346.  A quiet Saturday spent cleaning house, reading and contemplating. 
347.  Candles
348.  A package of fresh-baked cookies
349.  Laughing at British comedies with my sister.
350.  Meeting some wonderful people - kindred spirits
351.  Warm hugs on a Sunday morning
352.  Driving with the windows down and the music up.
353.  Blue, blue sky and even bluer ocean
354.  Peanutbutter
355.  Discovering a sweet note from my daughter

Being brave,

holy experience

1 comment:

Monica Sharman said...

"Before long, I'm laughing with Him and holding out my hand in trust." -- Great!!!

Just stopping by. The Lord brought you to mind and I prayed for you today. Laughter outside the comfort zone! Yes!