Sunday, March 29, 2009


Outside my front door, five rose bushes grow. All last summer and fall I enjoyed the beautiful red and pink roses. Hardly a day went by without at least one rose in a vase on my kitchen table.

But from the last rose bush on the end, not a single rose grew. It had not bloomed once from the time it was planted. I watered it and fed it rose food, pruned it and covered it to protect it from the frost, just like all the rest. Sometimes I wondered if it was worth it because there was no sign it would bloom and maybe I should just pull it up and plant another one in its place.

Then a few days ago, I saw a most amazing sight. A tiny peachy pink bud was forming. I waited with anticipation for it to open. Then yesterday I picked it and as you can see, it's simply glorious! It has such a delicate, sweet fragrance. I think this has become my favorite of all my roses.

It's a reminder of God's promise to me. I do not yet have what I long for. It seems as if there is nothing happening, no sign of life, of fruit. But God is at work beneath the surface, and one day, I will see the beauty.

Today I ran across this poem by Amy Carmichael
in her book, "Rose from Brier".

Thou hast not that, My child, but thou hast Me.
And am I not alone enough for thee?
I know it all, know how thy heart was set
Upon this joy which is not given yet.

And well I know how through the wistful days
Thou walkest all the dear familiar ways,
As unregarded as a breath of air,
But there in love and longing, always there.

I know it all; but from thy brier shall blow
A rose for others. If it were not so,
I would have told thee. Come, then, say to Me,
My Lord, My Love, I am content with Thee.


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Becky Aguirre said...

That really IS gorgeous! Interesting that it took so long to bloom...that's a very touching poem. Sounds like a good book!