Thursday, May 7, 2009


The rosebud tightly closed, showing only a hint of its glory.

The rose beginning to open its beauty to the world.

The rose in full bloom.

I think this is like a metaphor for women. Sometimes we can go for years, a tightly closed rosebud. A secret that only God knows. Once in a while, we relax enough to reveal a hint of our soul beauty, our true selves.

But in the warmth of God's love and delight, we begin to open up and blossom, inviting others to come near and know us, to see us for who we truly are.

Then, in an atmosphere of perfect love, we become unafraid. It frees us up to bloom with abandon, revealing the full glory of our redeemed womanhood in all its beauty and passion. And others get to see us as God sees us -- altogether lovely!

So the question is, which rose are you?

(P.S. Did anyone notice the little spider on that last rose? I think it was enjoying the beauty as well. Good thing I didn't pick that one!)

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