Saturday, January 2, 2010


Someone recently challenged me to pray for a word that will be the theme for 2010.

So I've been thinking about this,

and I have a word.

But first,
looking back over the past year,
tracing God's hand through all the days,
I see where I've been
and how far He has brought me.

2009 has been the year of Letting Go.

I entered 2009 grieving the death of my marriage, the loss of relationship.
As anyone who has lost love can understand, grief takes a long time. I am thankful God gave me the time I needed to walk through those dark, sad, pain-filled days. He walked them with me.

In early summer, I came out of the cave and into the sunshine. Life began to look hopeful again. But there was still much more letting go. Releasing long-held beliefs, fears, idols, masks. Learning to trust, to open up, to let in, to simply be.

And somehow mixed in the middle of all this, even the grief, there was joy -- so much joy. Unexpected, always a surprise, yet given freely without reserve.

What an amazing year!

I am full of gratitude at the grace and tenderness of God, lavishly pouring out His love on this broken heart, restoring me and making all things new.

Yesterday, in the quiet beginning of 2010, He whispered words of hope and life.

Dream, Little One.
Dream big!
My dreams for you are more than you can imagine.
So let yourself dream.

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Anonymous said...

i realized i was holding my breath when i got to the end of this.

your words resonate with my heart. the letting go, the loss of marriage...


dream big. i'm learning to let my heart do that again.