Monday, April 4, 2011


I love hiking through a forest (especially in the mountains.)  You never know what adventures and beauty may await around the next curve in the trail.  

If only I could bring that sense of adventure into my normal life.  Most days I'd like for life to stretch out like a hike through the desert or savannah - where you can see for miles ahead with few surprises.  But I suspect God knows that despite my tendency to play it safe, there is a little adventurer inside me that wants to come out.  She's the one who loves surprises and refused to sneak under the Christmas tree and shake the presents.

There are some bends approaching up the road.  I'm excited and scared at the same time.  God keeps reminding me that He only asks me to trust Him and live today.  And when those bends come, He'll be with me in the next adventure.  

Grateful for these gifts . . .

306.  Brazilian buffet and guarana
307.  Beginning a favorite Mary Stewart mystery
308.  Catching up with good friends I haven't seen in 7 years
309.  A lovely new quilt for my girl's bed
310.  Purple and white alstroemerias & tulips
311.  Getting my laptop back after a 2 day absence (smile)
312.  Nutella on a spoon
313.  A quiet morning spent contemplating
314.  The opportunity to go on a missions trip to Nicaragua (YES!)
315.  Kind words from a coworker

Enjoying the adventure,

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Rebecca Conduff de Aguirre said...

I'm happy to say that I seem to be getting my sense of adventure back! It's fun! Love your list...especially since I'm on it. :) Love you!