Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Favorite Things

I'm linking up with thegypsymama for her 5 Minute Fridays - where you write for 5 minutes without overthinking or editing -- just for fun and creativity.  This week's topic is Favorite Things. 

Here are few of mine. . .


The smell of earth after a heavy rain.  
Quiet hush of foggy mornings.
Sharing laughter with kindred spirits.
Friendly customer service.
Driving with the windows down on a sunny spring day.
Trying out a new recipe and discovering we all love it!
Sitting in my green recliner early in the morning with a cup of hot something, listening to my Daddy tell me sweet things, leaning my heart on His and just breathing.
Lying on my beach mat, hearing my kids laughing in the waves, looking up into that blue, blue sky and letting my worries and fears drift out with the tide.

I could write more, but my timer went off.  Dang!  
Okay, now I want to go to the beach.  Maybe tomorrow. :)

It's your turn.  Come join in the fun!


Lori said...

Wonderful. I love Spring. Yesterday it was warm enough to roll the windows down. Today it's raining.

the domestic fringe said...

I wrote about the beach too! I can't go tomorrow though. We have a rain/snow mix - definitely NOT a favorite thing. This is my first time using the prompt and it was fun. I loved your list!

Rachel said...

I love spring rain as well. We had our first real rain last night --- and the smell -- after a long winter -- was lovely.


Chrystal's Corner said...

Thanks for stopping by!! Ah, the smell of rain. If only they could bottle the real thing....I love it. Beautiful list:)

The Farmer Files said...

I miss sitting on a beach mat watching my kids play. I loved what you said about customer service. I love good customer service and friendly customer service agents that truly love their jobs. ;) They truly brighten my day. OR good customer service just from folks that are nice because they choose to be nice. YUM. ;)