Saturday, September 19, 2009


Something about the sound of water in motion always brings a sense of stillness and quiet inside of me.

I remember as a child, I would hurry to the dorm after school, tossing books and homework aside and head out with friends to the creek.

There in the shady, green beauty, water gurgling over rocks, I would step my bare feet in the coolness, relax and simply be. Time stood still for a few hours.

"You lead me beside quiet waters, you restore my soul."
Psalm 23:2,3

Life comes in with its pressures, responsibilities, expectations, uncertainties. I feel weighed down by it all.

In one brief moment -- a sound, a picture, a song, a word from a friend -- my attention is caught and I hear the quiet whisper to come, rest and be. Stepping into the rush of Living Water, drinking deep, feeling His cool, refreshing touch bathing my soul in peace, time stands still again. My heart is silent and satisfied.

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him." Psalm 62:1

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Water is indeed simply wonderful -- calming, refreshing (even if we only look at it). I spent part of the day at a calm, clear pond in the Alps, so your post resonated with me.

Baby Mama said...

Lovely post. I feel this way around water too. it is hypnotizing to me. what a blessing to feel the presence of our Maker in His creation :)

Tea With Tiffany said...

This confirms where I am. I'm giving a talk Thursday and water is one of the elements I discuss. Thank you.