Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Boy

This weekend was my son's 11th birthday. I had been praying fervently for his party to be special since I knew I had very limited resources to put toward a party. So I made a cake (chocolate, of course) and decorated it. Since he's now 11, he's not into anything fancy (like the Lego cake he had one year or the airplane one.) So we went for a simple theme -- cake and ice cream, a few balloons, a big bowl of candy instead of goody bags, and lots of friends.

It turned out to be a huge success. All the kids had a blast exploring in the jungle behind my house. Then one of my adventurous friends had the brilliant idea of hooking up a zip line. Well, that just put this birthday party over the top! We were all having so much fun hanging out around the fireplace, riding the zip line, playing Capture-the-Flag that no one wanted to leave. So we ended up ordering pizza and the two-hour party turned into six. It was great!

We ask God for little things, and He gives so much more! My son told me later that night, "Mom, everyone at my party respects me. I mean, really respects me!" For a boy, the best gift he could have gotten -- respect. How generous of the Lord to give my son, not only an awesome birthday party, but what his heart needed most!

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Becky Aguirre said...

I'm guessing the "adventurous" friend was Danny! :) That zipline was totally awesome! So great that you have such a nice place to play...and don't you just love those spontaneous times of fellowship when everyone has such a great time they don't want to leave?!

What an interesting thing for Steven to say...that he can already voice that need for respect! :)