Thursday, June 25, 2009

Glass Doors

I sat in my living room this morning, sipping coffee and looking out sliding glass doors at my backyard alive with life. Bees gathering their morning quota of pollen from tiny white flowers, yellow butterflies dancing on the hillside and playful lizards chasing each other across the patio.

My attention was caught by a tiny chameleon clinging to the partly open screen door. I've never seen one so small. He was cute as he hung there gazing around, enjoying his lofty position.

Then I saw him peering intently at the glass door. He seemed to be noticing the inside of the house. You could almost see the wheels turning in that little brain. He decided to jump inside. I watched as he crouched and then took a flying leap, hit the glass door and bounced to the ground, stunned.

Quickly gathering the tattered remnants of his dignity, he came back to the door, peering in, nose to the glass. I waited to see if he would make a second attempt. Although he jumped back onto the screen, and kept looking inside, he kept his distance, seeming content to remain outside where he belongs.

You know how much God enjoys drawing our attention to everyday things and then using them to speak truth to our hearts? He did that this morning with me.

I was unaware of this, but I've been like that little chameleon. I see where I want to be, I see the things I want and long for. But God has a glass door in the way. He has put these limitations in place. As long as I keep striving towards my heart's desire, I keep hitting that glass door and only get bruised and frustrated in the process.

But like He showed me this morning, there's a whole world waiting here for me to explore and enjoy. It's time to turn away from that closed door and begin to live. One day, He may quietly open the door and invite me inside. Until then, I will trust Him for the future and be content.

"Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you."
Psalm 116:7


Becky Aguirre said...

And isn't it our human nature to focus on what is out of our reach instead of enjoying what we already have?! I find myself lecturing the kids on this...and yet need to learn it myself. Hmmm...

Billy Coffey said...

Oh Angela, how I needed these words today. Thank you.

Daveda said...

Angela thanks for visiting my blog, I will be going back there to respond to the comment you left so please stop back by.

I loved your post! This is so true, I think that sometimes God opens those doors when we stop caring so much about what is outside of them.

For me, what is outside of my glass doors can sometimes distract me from just being one with the Father. However, I do not even want the doors to open, until He has changed my heart. I want Him to be my greatest desire, only then do I even want to step out of the glass doors and into what is outside.

This is a great post! I really loved it, thanks for sharing and touching my heart.