Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When I was a child, my family lived on the Guaviare River in Colombia. El Rio Guaviare is a wide, muddy, lazy river that snakes through the heart of the rainforest. I doubt it could be considered a dangerous river unless you happen to fall in. (The piranha, stingrays, anacondas, caimans and various other wildlife would present a few dangers.) But even in rainy season, when the river swells to flood stage, the current is relatively slow and there aren't any rapids, making it easy to canoe. It's my kind of river.

It's my kind of life.

But God is inviting me to join Him on another river, another kind of life. His river is more like the Colorado with its hidden boulders, turbulent whitewater, dangerous currents -- the kind of river only someone a little insane would dream of canoeing.

This is where the wildness of God collides with His tenderness. Can I trust Him? Will He really keep me safe no matter what happens?

I'm sitting here in His canoe, still tied up at dock, drifting slightly in the current but not going anywhere. I look at Him and He grins at me. He knows the dilemma I'm in and can appreciate the struggle. He waits for my answer.

Will I leave the shore and launch out with Him on this wild adventure? The water is calm here but I can hear the roar of rapids in the distance. It's going to be scary. There are so many unknowns, so many dangers. I won't be in control.

My heart hesitates, undecided.

He leans forward and whispers, "Dear heart, I made this river. I know every rock, every eddy, every rapid. I keep you safe, you will not drown. I know when to take you out of your comfort zone into the raging waters, and when to steer you aside to the quiet places for rest. I will overcome your fears with My strength. Will you trust Me?"

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